Upgrade of printing technology with MARK ANDY flexographic printing machines and ROTOFLEX and DCM slitter rewinders



The leading company for the production of laminate and extruded tubes.


The need of the customer
Complete change of printing technology from inefficient letterpress process to high quality flexographic printing on tube laminates. Increase of printing and converting capacity for tube laminates.

Equipment and solutions

  • 3 x Flexographic printing machines Mark Andy P7 with non-stop Martin Automatic unwind and fully automatic non-stop rewind.
  • 2 x Rotoflex Inspection Slitter Rewinders for narrow web applications.
  • 1 x DCM Slitter Rewinders for mid web applications.

Laminate tube packaging company LEANGROUP took a decision to completely change their printing technology to flexographic printing. Vendor selection for printing equipment was performed very carefully as the company uses very specific and thicker than usual material (laminate) in their printing process. After several tests, Mark Andy and Rotoflex were selected as the best suitable vendors to supply the equipment tailor-made for the LEANGROUP: flexographic printing machine Mark Andy P7 and Rotoflex Inspection Slitter Rewinder for narrow web applications.

The installation and performance of new equipment was very successful: increased production efficiency and printing speed, so the company took a decision to invest in two more printing machines Mark Andy P7 and Rotoflex Inspection Slitter Rewinder.

The new Mark Andy machines were equipped with automated non-stop unwinder and rewinder. It allowed to significantly reduce a technical waste and decrease productions costs. Machines were configured for work with tube laminates and equipped with numerous in-line decoration options: cold and hot foiling, rotary screen cassettes.

To expand the production portfolio and to enhance converting capabilities, LEANGROUP chose DCM equipment: shrink sleeve forming, rewinding and inspection machines, mid-web slitting and rewinding machine for films and laminates.

LEANGROUP continues development of its production capabilities, so company took a decision to optimize one of the existing Mark Andy machines for the printing on the shrink sleeve film. The extra printing stations were delivered and integrated in the end of 2021.